Khair for All Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can buy from Khair For All? 
    • Khair For All will focus first on community members that we (The Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative Ltd. and partner agencies) know and have an ongoing relationship with that are experiencing economic hardship and food insecurity
    • Community members from the general public are also welcome to participate in Khair for All to help sustain the social enterprise model. We encourage if you can afford groceries from mainstream retailers to please consider donating a box too!

    Is there a membership cost or registration? 
      • No, there is no membership cost or subscription required

      Do I need to qualify for this program? 
        • There is no income testing or referral process required

        Are the food items organic? 
          • To help keep our prices low, food items will NOT be organic

          What will the quality of food be like in the produce box? 
            • The quality of the food will be similar to a regular grocery store 

            What will be in the produce boxes? 
              • The produce boxes will include an assortment of up to 15 different types of fruits and vegetables plus one dozen eggs
              • The contents of the box will include some staple items such as eggs, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, and onions every week. Other items in the box will change on a weekly basis according to what is in season and what we hear from community feedback and input.

              Will there be any meat or milk in the boxes? 
                • The food boxes will not include any meat or milk. 
                • The produce boxes will include one dozen eggs. 

                Can people choose and exchange for other items if they do not like it or if they do not know how to use it? 
                  • No, to help keep our prices low the boxes will be standardized and prepackaged. 
                  • In the future, we plan to include an ‘add on’ feature where people can select additional food items for extra cost 
                  • In the future, we also plan to include recipe cards and build an online community via Facebook and/or Instagram to show how to cook food items that may be unfamiliar