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Other Languages Contacts:
Multicultural Health Brokers
Phone: 780.423.1973

Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative

About the Agency: MCHB is a group of over 100 Multicultural Health Brokers. Together, we represent over 25 different cultural and linguistic communities in Edmonton. Many of the families served at the MCHB are new to Canada and need support to bridge between their own knowledge from their home country and Canada’s health, social services, education, justice, immigration and employment support systems.

P: 780-423-1973
Address: 9538 107 Ave Edmonton, AB T5H 0T7

Edmonton Food Bank

About the Agency: Edmontons Food Bank’s mission is to be stewards in the collection of surplus and donated food for the effective distribution, free of charge, to people in need in our community while seeking solutions to the causes of hunger. In 37 years of operation, Edmonton’s Food Bank has evolved into a very efficient and passionate group dedicated to eliminating the hunger problem in Edmonton through a number of initiatives including: emergency food hampers, referrals to community supports, Beyond Food Program and more!

P: 780-425-2133
Address: 11508 120 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 2Y2

Action for Healthy Communities

About the Agency: A4HC is a dynamic, community-based agency that serves people of all ages and backgrounds, including families, children, youth, adults, and seniors. A4HC’s goal is to build the capacity of individuals and groups to improve their lives and communities through a unique community building process, including support, mentoring, and training.

P: 780-944-4687
Address: #100, 10578 113 St, Edmonton, AB T6H 3H5

Africa Centre

About the Agency: Africa Centre is the largest pan African non-profit organization in Western Canada. Africa Centre serves as a community hub that provides programs and services from a place of cultural awareness and competency to the families in our diverse community. 

P: 780-455-5423
Address: #106, 6770 129 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5C 1V7

Canadians Volunteers United in Action (CANAVUA)

About the Agency: CANAVUA is a non-profit organization offering community services in Alberta with a particular emphasis on the Greater Edmonton area. 

P: 780-729-1709
Address: 8627 91 St, Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1


About the Agency: C5 is a collaborative partnership of five leading Edmonton agencies including Terra, Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society, Boyle Street Community Services, Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers and Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre. Together they give a voice to the 30,000 people we collectively serve.

C5 works differently by pooling resources and building broader partnerships to support families who are often overwhelmed by the system. C5’s frontline workers effectively connect families in crisis to the resources they need so that:

  • Their children avoid being taken into care
  • The family is supported in becoming healthier

P: (780) 456-1484
Address: 14017 Victoria Trail NW Edmonton, T5Y 2B6

Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

About the Agency: EMCN works with up to 17,000 newcomers each year, from all parts of the world, out of five locations and various community locations. EMCN is made up of an ethnically diverse staff that reflect the groups coming to Canada. EMCN supports with language, employment, settlement, and community engagement.

P: 780-424-7709
Address: 10170 112 St NW Edmonton, AB, T5K 2L6

Free Play for Kids

About the Agency:  Free Play believes that all kids should be free to play and play itself should be freed! Free Play’s mission is to provide vulnerable kids with the opportunity to play in a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment at no cost to them or their families- because when kids are empowered through play, their families, their schools, and their communities are empowered as well.

P: 1-866-968-7483
Address: 12720 Victoria Trail NW, Edmonton, AB, T5A 5G4

Francophonie Albertaine Plurielle

About the Agency: FRAP’s mandate is to promote the diversity and social, economic and cultural inclusion of Francophones and Francophiles while offering services in French allowing the reception, settlement and re-establishment of Francophone and Francophile newcomers in Alberta.

P: 780-540-8682
Address: #108, 8627 81 St, Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1

Islamic Family Social Services Association

About the Agency: At IFSSA, our clients are our focus. IFSSA works alongside community partners, agencies, and government bodies to provide culturally and spiritually sensitive services that are not found elsewhere. Through IFSSA, clients have access to programs that address food and economic security, domestic violence, relevant and meaningful counselling and outreach, newcomer settlement, belonging and home, and ways to connect to the larger Edmonton community.

P: 780-900-2777
IFSSA Central:
2-786 10545 108 St Edmonton AB T5H 2Z8
IFSSA South:
#85 4003 98 St Edmonton AB T6E 6M8

Shaama Centre

About the Agency: The Shaama Centre offers activities and services to immigrant seniors and women who are isolated because of social and physical barriers. The Shaama Centre works to educate the South Asian community on building healthy relationships, and provide support to those who are experiencing domestic violence.

P: 780-465-2992
Address: 329 Woodvale Rd W Edmonton, AB T6L 3Z7

UofA Campus Food Bank

About the Agency: The Campus Food Bank supports the University of Alberta community through several programs including a food hamper program, WECAN Food Basket, Grocery Buses, Campus Kitchens and more!

P: 780-492-8677
Address: SUB 1-81, 8900 114 ST, Edmonton, AB T6G 2J7