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Khair for All Boxes

  • Fruit and Vegetable Box. Fruit and vegetable boxes will include up to 20 different fruits and vegetables and will also include one dozen eggs. The contents of the Khair box will change each week based on what is in season, community input, and pricing.
  • Dry Goods Box (Coming Soon) - Dry goods boxes will include pantry essentials such as oil, rice, flour, pasta, pasta sauce and other items.

Khair for All Key Features

  • There are two types of boxes available. A fruit and vegetable box and a dry goods box. Food boxes are available in a small size for $25.00 and a large size for $50.00.
  • Food boxes are 20-30% cheaper than grocery stores like Superstore
  • Fruit and vegetable boxes are available for purchase every week
  • Dry goods boxes ARE NOT YET AVAILABLE. However, they will be available every other week
  • There is no membership or subscription needed
  • Food boxes can be picked up at a depot, or delivered directly to your home for $6.00
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